Coverbild The Fires of Death von Ole Kristiansen, ISBN-978-3-423-21492-6
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The Fires of Death

A pyromaniac is on the rampage in the North German village of Güstrin. Choosing his victims seemingly at random, he tortures them brutally before burning them alive. Young journalist Katja Jakobs stumbles on this white-hot serial murder case by chance — she is actually meant to be reporting on the closure of the local nuclear power plant. By the time she arrives the first murder has already taken place, and the second occurs soon after. The villagers are getting more and more anxious and Katja can’t get the case out of her mind either. And then the first villager prepares to take flight. But he’s evidently forgotten one thing: you can’t outrun the devil...

Press acclaim for “The Winds of Death”:

“Ole Kristiansen has done a brilliant job of writing a highly atmospheric thriller that keeps the reader spellbound from first page to last.“
Münchner Merkur

“A breathtaking finale tops off an incredibly gripping thriller with multi-faceted characters, a convincingly threatening setting and plotting that’s never predictable.”
Monika Jonasch, Wiener Zeitung

464 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21492-6
About the author
Portrait des Autors Ole Kristiansen

Ole Kristiansen

Ole Kristiansen read media studies and American and English Literature; he now works as a freelance translator and writing coach in Hamburg. He is currently working on his doctorate which focuses on the literary mechanisms of suspense, horror and mystery.

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