Coverbild The Forests of Death von Ole Kristiansen, ISBN-978-3-423-21601-2
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The Forests of Death

In a half-decayed manor house on a country estate near the tiny North-German village of Tachin, young Hamburg-based journalist Katja Jakobs makes a gruesome discovery—the corpse of a young man who has evidently had his skull smashed in.

The case dates back to a dark period in the village history—the 1970s, when children and teenagers were disappearing in the notorious forest with disturbing regularity—until one day the nightmare ended as swiftly as it had begun. The mystery was never solved; the youngsters never found.

As Katja Jakobs and Commissioner Lukas Möhrs delve ever more deeply into the village’s history, they are confronted with the terrifying realisation that the old evil has returned in the blazing summer heat...

• a realistic thriller on the hot topic of fracking
• the third volume of the Elements series centring on air, fire, earth and water

Press acclaim for "The Winds of Death":

• Ole Kristiansen’s prose is infused with seemingly effortless immediacy and tantalising suspense from first page to last, making this a very special debut.
- Neue Rundschau

• A riveting finale caps an incredibly gripping thriller with multi-faceted characters, a dark and broody setting and a plot that is anything but predictable.
- Wiener Zeitung

400 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21601-2
About the author
Portrait des Autors Ole Kristiansen

Ole Kristiansen

Ole Kristiansen read media studies and American and English Literature; he now works as a freelance translator and writing coach in Hamburg. He is currently working on his doctorate which focuses on the literary mechanisms of suspense, horror and mystery.

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