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What makes humans human? P. J. Blumenthal shares interesting, touching and shocking case studies of people who have voluntarily or involuntarily withdrawn from human society and survived in a feral state. There have been repeated cases of children, in particular, who have faced isolation or imprisonment, even in the 21st century. Their development is both the stuff of legend and speculation and also material for scientific research. Are we the product of our own nature or the influences around us? How does a wolf-boy develop after returning to human society? The author has researched over 100 cases and details them from historical, psychological and philosophical perspectives.

‘A standard work ... perfectly researched.’ Stern

448 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34753-2
About the author

P. J. Blumenthal

P. J. Blumenthal studied Classics in New York and at the University of California. He has lived in Munich since 1975, where he works as a freelance writer, translator and journalist.
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