Coverbild What Are the Maiers Doing In the Himalayas? von Peter Knorr, ISBN-978-3-423-70995-8

What Are the Maiers Doing In the Himalayas?

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One trip round the world, Puzzle Class, please!

The fact that the Maiers have a rather unconventional approach to travelling is no secret to their fans who have read 'Maier's Fabulous Mystery Tour'. But this time they are really going overboard: Aunt Trude, who has always been exceedingly fond of travelling, leaves the Maiers a letter which promises them great treasures! There's only one snag: they have to find them first, and the only clues as to where they might be found are in an old chocolate box full to the brim of photographs from all corners of the globe. Intrepid as ever, the Maiers set out to follow in Aunt Trude's tracks.

This time their travels take them all round the world and are, of course, full of puzzles and mysteries that have to be solved with your help! After they have survived all their many adventures on the way from Istanbul to Urululu, who should they find waiting for them back at home in Munich? None other than Aunt Trude, who is very much alive and full of beans! And the treasure? Well, hasn't that been obvious all along? It was all the fun they had on their travels...

Press Comments on Volume 1:
"Fun with fiendish puzzles, that make long boring journeys in cars and trains whiz by in no time."(Brigitte)
"An exceptionally original book of puzzles"(Süddeutsche Zeitung)
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64 pages, Age 9 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-70995-8

Rights sold: France, Italy
About the author
Portrait von Peter Knorr

Peter Knorr

Peter Knorr was born in 1956 in Munich and lives on the Rhine with his family, making his living as a freelance illustrator. He has illustrated several picture books, designed many other books, and also works for television.

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