Coverbild Belly Laughs are the best von Petra Fietzek, ISBN-978-3-95470-148-3

Belly Laughs are the best

You can’t get friends in the supermarket

Eight-year-old Meret is looking for a new friend—a girl with really bright ideas who likes to think things through, a girl who knows a whole lot about life. Someone she can lie in a meadow with at night, staring up at the moon while they listen to the mice snoring in the grass like she’s only ever been able to do with Mamilli—her grandaunt; someone worldly-wise, just like Meret herself. But it’s easier said than done. So Meret decides to draw up a list of everyone worth considering: the result is a choice between five girls (and two boys for emergency use only!) The name at the very bottom of the list is Annabell—aka “the Princess”. Annabell is small and given to crying a lot. She’s not really Meret’s cup of tea at all. But when Annabell falls ill and Meret brings her homework to her house, the two girls discover that they have more in common than they thought.

Poetic, moving and funny – a true-to-life story of friendship.

72 pages, Age 7 and up, ISBN 978-3-95470-148-3

Rights sold: Turkey
About the author

Petra Fietzek

Petra Fietzek was born in 1955. She studied German, art history and philosophy in Cologne and has been a full-time freelance author since 1985. She writes for adults, children and young readers, works for radio, runs creative writing seminars and is also a reading group therapist. She lives in a house surrounded by a big garden in the picturesque North-Rhine Westphalian town of Coesfeld.
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