Coverbild Summer Plague von Petra Schwarz, ISBN-978-3-423-71587-4

Summer Plague

A camping holiday turns into a nightmare.

It’s 16-year-old Pauline’s first holiday without her parents and she’s spending it with two of her closest friends. The girls are looking forward to the sun, the beach, camping and cute boys. But on the very first evening, in the middle of a fiesta at the marina, pretty Leo disappears, having flirted with all sorts of characters. Thirty-six agonizing hours go by before she is found – dead; quite evidently the victim of a ritual murder. Paulina feels that the police investigation is taking the wrong track, so she sets out to look for the murderer on her own. A fatal mistake, because it looks as if Paulina is going to suffer the same fate as Leo when she finds herself locked up in a dark cellar…

A multi-layered, complex and riveting thriller for girls, described from various different perspectives.

About the author
Portrait des Autors Petra Schwarz

Petra Schwarz

Petra Schwarz, born in Munich in 1969, started writing stories and binding them into books when she was a child. Later on she worked in advertising, and now she has four children, three rabbits, a husband - and a ready number of ideas for new books.

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