Coverbild Ocean City II von R. T. (F.M.Reifenberg, Ch.Tielmann) Acron, ISBN-978-3-423-71873-8

Ocean City II

In the Rebel Stronghold
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Escape from Ocean City
Everyone in Ocean City is hunting for Jackson and Crockie! However, as the floating metropolis draws close to the mainland, the friends are able to slip away and make it ashore. This is where they need to hunt for the banished rebel leader, the man they want to smuggle secretly back into the city. An organized resistance will be practically impossible without his help. However, the mainland has its own rules and regulations - and Ocean City’s long arm reaches farther than expected. In order to survive, the friends are forced to place their trust in various dubious characters - and go underground. And the clock is ticking, since the city will only be docked for a few days. Once it leaves, Jackson and Crockie will be stranded on the mainland.
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Lieferung in 2-3 Werktagen - Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation kann sich die Lieferzeit verzögern
256 pages, Age 11 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-71873-8

Rights sold: France
About the author
Portrait des Autors R. T. (F.M.Reifenberg, Ch.Tielmann) Acron

R. T. (F.M.Reifenberg, Ch.Tielmann) Acron

R.T. Acron is the pseudonym for Christian Tielmann and Frank Reifenberg, two renowned children's and young adult authors, who have a particular instinct when it comes to the needs and interests of teen readers. Christian Tielmann was born in Wuppertal in 1971. He studied philosophy and German in Freiburg and Hamburg. Today he lives with his family in Cologne, and writes books for children and teens. Frank Maria Reifenberg, born in 1962, was a trained bookseller. He now lives and writes full-time in Cologne. He primarily writes children's and young adult books, in addition to screenplays for film and television. For years, he has been actively involved in efforts to promote reading among boys.

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