Coverbild Hegel for Beginners. The Phenomenology of the Mind von Ralf Ludwig (Ed.), ISBN-978-3-423-30125-1

Hegel for Beginners. The Phenomenology of the Mind

A Reading Introduction.
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According to Ralf Ludwig, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770 - 1831) perfected German idealism and drafted the most comprehensive and homogeneous system of German philosophy. His most prominent student was Karl Marx, and his most famous work is the 'Phänomenologie des Geistes', written in 1807.

Hegel ranks among the most difficult philosophers of all time. It would, however, be terrible to ignore him, since his findings represent not only the history of philosophy but also world history, and neither Marx nor Habermas is conceivable without him.

Help is needed, and here it is. After two volumes on Kant, Ralf Ludwig acquaints the reader in his proven way with the 'Phänomenologie'.

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208 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-30125-1

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About the publisher
Portrait des Autors Ralf Ludwig

Ralf Ludwig

The editor, Ralf Ludwig, Ph.D., studied theology and philosophy, did his doctorate on Kant, was a minister and taught at grammar school. For the past few years he has been living as a freelance author in Munich.
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