Coverbild Philosophy for Beginners von Ralf Ludwig, ISBN-978-3-423-34824-9

Philosophy for Beginners

from Socrates to Sartre
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The title speaks for itself: this book offers a lucid and accessible summary of the history of Western philosophy from the pre-Socratics all the way up to the 20th century. Conceived as a chronological encyclopaedia, the book proffers a synthesis of the subject, its history and terminology. But this volume’s special uniqueness lies in the way it presents excerpts from the most significant philosophers’ key works alongside their biographies. Featuring primary and subsidiary articles, the layout is conceived to facilitate easy reference, and most importantly it allows the reader to effortlessly follow the development of Western philosophy over the centuries.

  • Philosophy made accessible: an original companion for philosophical neophytes, interested laymen, for school, study, and anyone who is looking for a readily comprehensible introduction to Western philosophy.

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400 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34824-9
About the author
Portrait des Autors Ralf Ludwig

Ralf Ludwig

The editor, Ralf Ludwig, Ph.D., studied theology and philosophy, did his doctorate on Kant, was a minister and taught at grammar school. For the past few years he has been living as a freelance author in Munich.

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