Coverbild Die Quietly von Reinhard Rohn, ISBN-978-3-423-21600-5

Die Quietly

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As a young man he committed a murder. For twenty-six years he has lived undiscovered, a respected member of society, the perfect husband and family man. But when the body of a prostitute is found in Cologne and the murder bears all the hallmarks of his case, his past threatens to catch up with him. The one-time killer finds himself the target of a ruthless blackmailer.

PC Lena Larcher’s first case after an extended leave of absence seems set to drive her to her limits, both professionally and emotionally. Will she ever be able to get over the death of her husband and son? It looks as though Lena’s past is also coming back to haunt her…

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About the author
Portrait des Autors Reinhard Rohn

Reinhard Rohn

Reinhard Rohn was born in Osnabruck in 1959. He works as the head of a publishing house and divides his time between Cologne and Berlin. Rohn translated numerous detective novels into German before starting to write crime fiction of his own. Under the pseudonym Arne Blum, he has already published three novels featuring Kim the pig-detective.

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