Coverbild Three Wise Men in a Hurry von Renus Berbig, ISBN-978-3-423-76315-8
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Three Wise Men in a Hurry

24 advent puzzles for clever star-gazers
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Always follow your lucky star! This is the time-honoured story of the Three Wise Men Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar, who are looking for the Saviour. What’s new is that the journey of these Three Kings takes us through our modern, illuminated pre-Christmas world, and what with everything twinkling and gleaming, they find it hard to locate the right star. It’s hardly surprising that the Three Wise Men are bewildered by the glory of so many lights and fall prey to all sorts of misunderstandings. So it’s just as well they’ve got the readers to give them a helping hand: there’s a trio of stars just ahead of them, where peculiar, colourful donkey carts (that don’t have donkeys attached) are emitting clouds of incense – is this the star they’re looking for or not? It goes without saying that the Three Wise Men in a hurry finally reach their destination after 23 and 1 days – and all the while, little readers are kept amused and entertained, and the time up to Christmas has passed by before they know it.

Erscheint am 18.09.2020
176 pages, Age 6 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-76315-8
About the author
Portrait des Autors Renus Berbig

Renus Berbig

Renus Berbig was born in 1965. He studied communication science, sociology and social psychology in Munich, where he now lives with his family. A freelance author, he writes for radio, film and television.
About the illustrator
Portrait des Autors Anke Kuhl

Anke Kuhl

Anke Kuhl, born in 1970, studied illustration and has been a freelance illustrator since 1998. She lives in Frankfurt with her husband and two children. (
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