Coverbild Police! Stop Right There! von Richard Thiess, ISBN-978-3-423-34676-4

Police! Stop Right There!

Scenes from the life of a criminal investigator
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Featuring more than 40 real-life cases

Following his bestselling book Homicide Squad, Detective Chief Superintendent Richard Thiess gives us an intimate glimpse behind the scenes of the criminal investigation department, revealing fascinating insights into the work of its officers. Alongside cases ranging from the tragic to the absurd and positively bizarre, he shares poignant as well as downright comical episodes with the reader.

Thiess initially specialised in juvenile delinquency and gang crime: one of his major feats was hunting down the Munich-based gang known as the Marienplatz Rappers, the largest gang haunting the streets of Germany in recent years. He has to contend with fraud and blackmail, deceit, greed and obsession on a daily basis. But life is multifaceted and full of surprises, and so the volume is interwoven with subtle humour and many a curious incident.

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224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34676-4
About the author
Portrait des Autors Richard Thiess

Richard Thiess

Richard Thiess was born in 1952. He worked as a store detective before applying to the police and studying towards a career in senior levels of law enforcement. He was appointed head of the Munich police headquarters’ Murder Squad V in 2001, a post he held until the summer of 2014 whilst also acting as deputy director of the homicide division.

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