Coverbild Hamster, Cat & Co. von , ISBN-978-3-423-62343-8
Rita Braun

Hamster, Cat & Co.

The Little Book of Pet Puzzles

Dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea-pigs, rabbits, budgerigars, turtles, canaries, mice and fish are children’s favourite pets. But often they know far too little about the animals, where they come from, how long they will live, what they should eat, their needs, likes and dislikes – for example, being chased through a doll’s house during the day is not a hamster’s idea of fun, as they are strictly nocturnal animals.

Alongside such useful information, this book will also provide you with plenty of interesting facts as well as bizarre details that you can use to prove your expert knowledge and impress your friends when talking about your favourite pet.

192 pages, Age 7 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-62343-8

Rights sold: Estonia
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