Coverbild Pancake Drama von Rita Falk, ISBN-978-3-423-26192-0
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Pancake Drama

Niederkaltenkirchen has been turned upside down: very young and very pretty Jane lives on the second floor of the Fleisch & Fleisch Butcher Shop, in Max’s old apartment. She offers hot online striptease shows, which seriously ruffle some feathers among her Niederkaltenkirchen neighbors. They file a public nuisance complaint against her. Well, at least, some of her neighbors do… and things finally reach a climax in a bizarre trial. When Jane is eventually found dead in her apartment, Eberhofer is once again caught up in a murder investigation with numerous suspects, including as many ill-wishers as clients. However, even the very pious family of the victim seems to have something to hide. Unfortunately, Rudi is still suffering from strange memory lapses as a result of his car accident, and is no longer even the slightest bit of help in Franz’s investigation. What is even more troubling is Susi’s discovery of a link to the stripper’s site on Franz’s private computer…

- A marvelous situational comedy with touching, humanizing passages. Eberhofer’s typical impudence and intriguingly original investigative methods balance each other out. Loads of fun from the first page to the last.
- Franz Eberhofer’s ninth case
- Each of the series titles has landed in the top 5 spots of the bestseller list
- Rita Falk's sales figures total around 5 million copies
- An internationally successful series in France, Hungary, Latvia, and Turkey
- Compelling film adaptations of the Niederkaltenkirchen series by Ed Herzog/Constantin Film

“With her black humor, Rita Falk’s Weisswurstconnection once again sends us readers into tears of laughter.” Freundin, November 2016

“Rita Falk’s regional crime novels are cult favorites.” Luise Forkel,, November 2016

“The crime author’s literary skill is silkily fluid and as gentle as a brook, although it can sometimes sweep you along like a raging wild stream.” Walter Prankl,, January 2017

About the author
Portrait des Autors Rita Falk

Rita Falk

Rita Falk was born in 1964 in Bavaria and still lives there. She is the mother of three grown children and is married to a policeman.

Rita Falk

Rita Falk steht mit ihren Provinzkrimis auf den Bestsellerlisten. Mit ›Funkenflieger‹ hat sie einen Familienroman geschrieben. Mehr über die Autorin in unserem Special.

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