Coverbild The Plum Stew Conspiracy von Rita Falk, ISBN-978-3-423-26044-2

The Plum Stew Conspiracy

What on earth is a woman’s finger doing in a crow’s beak?

Rudi moves to Munich’s Slaughterhouse quarter. He enjoys hanging out on his balcony, watching the crows drift above the rooftops in lazy circles—but his urban idyll is rudely shattered when one of them drops a woman’s severed finger at his feet. And that’s only the start of the story; more horrors are lurking just over the horizon…

Franz and Rudi begin their investigations in Munich – but the clues soon lead them beyond the city limits.

Franz Eberhofer’s sixth case—as homicidally hilarious as ever!

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About the author
Portrait des Autors Rita Falk

Rita Falk

Rita Falk was born in 1964 in Bavaria and still lives there. With her rural mysteries centered on village constable Franz Eberhofer and her novels Hannes and Radio Flyer, she has written her way into the hearts of her readers - including those far beyond Bavaria’s borders. The films based on her Franz Eberhofer books have also been very popular.

Rita Falk

Rita Falk steht mit ihren Provinzkrimis auf den Bestsellerlisten. Mit ›Funkenflieger‹ hat sie einen Familienroman geschrieben. Mehr über die Autorin in unserem Special.

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