Coverbild Winter Potato Dumplings von Rita Falk, ISBN-978-3-423-21794-1

Winter Potato Dumplings

A Bavarian Crime Thriller

For disciplinary reasons, Franz Eberhofer is forced to leave his post with the Munich police and is transferred to his home village of Niederkaltenkirchen in Lower Bavaria. There, he is a pen-pusher with a cushy job – his patrols invariably ending up in the pub for a beer with Wolfi or at the dinner table of his stone-deaf grandmother. All very relaxing, which is just as well considering the trouble he has with his weed-growing old hippie of a father, who drives him round the bend with his perpetual playing of Beatles records. However, when a real case finally does land on his desk, it is truly bizarre – members of the Neuhofer family are being killed in the most peculiar ways. Mother Neuhofer is found hanged in the woods. The father, an electrician, is electrocuted. Now there’s only Hans left. And who knows what lies in store for him. The investigations into these gruesome murders lead Franz Eberhofer all the way to Majorca....

Nominated for the Friedrich-Glauser-Award 2011 for best debut crime novel!

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About the author
Portrait des Autors Rita Falk

Rita Falk

Rita Falk was born in 1964 in Bavaria and still lives there. She is the mother of three grown children and is married to a policeman.

Rita Falk

Rita Falk steht mit ihren Provinzkrimis auf den Bestsellerlisten. Mit ›Funkenflieger‹ hat sie einen Familienroman geschrieben. Mehr über die Autorin in unserem Special.

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