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Philosophical Brain Games

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Thinking can be fun

God and man, nature, space and time, insight and self-knowledge, society and the state, logic, ethics and morality—these are issues that have preoccupied people since time immemorial. Forays into philosophy can enhance our perspective on life’s problems and hone our cognitive skills. Karl Popper once said that philosophy was just ‘enlightened common sense'. This book offers a playful and totally relaxed way of training that common sense with interesting quizzes and challenging brain-teasers.

Each chapter consists of several components: a compact introduction to a central philosophical issue; an information section that provides historical material and explains the pertinent terminology; and finally a series of entertaining mental exercises.

  • philosophers’ profiles (work out who was it)

  • philosophical brain-teasers (to heighten your philosophical awareness)

  • think for yourself! (let yourself be challenged by thought experiments)

  • a logic check (find the inherent logical flaw)

  • pros and cons (shape the best possible argument)

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336 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-26051-0

Rights sold: Spain (cast., cat.), France, Turkey, Arabic language
About the author
Portrait des Autors Robert Zimmer

Robert Zimmer

Dr. Robert Zimmer was born in 1953; he studied Philosophy and English, and worked in adult education and as a university lecturer. He now lives in Berlin, where he is active as a freelance publicist and journalist.
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