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Marta, Asleep

Her past makes her the perfect victim. And the perfect murderer...

A murder has occurred, and it must be undone. This leaves only one possibility. The murder has to happen again, and the real culprit has to provide the police with a different course of events - as well as a plausible culprit. And he finds one in the mentally unstable young woman, who works as an assistant at a law firm. Her past alone makes her the perfect victim - or better said, the perfect murderer.
The young woman already has a guilty past. She was still practically a child, when a crime took place that never should have occurred. She did her penance, but as an adult, she seems to be working through her guilt via a kind of non-existence: Instead of actually living, she observes lives of others. However, she refuses to bear any more guilt than she already feels. So when she sees through the actual murderer’s plot, she decides to turn the tables.
A deeply disturbing book about guilt, retribution, and the question of whether a perpetrator can ever by truly free again…

  • After the phenomenal success of her debut novel Dear Child, a new psychothriller from the Spiegel bestselling author Romy Hausmann
  • Highly emotional, top-class psychological thriller
  • Rights sold for Liebes Kind in 17 languages
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400 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21989-1

Rights sold: English World Rights, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden
About the author
Portrait von Romy Hausmann

Romy Hausmann

Romy Hausmann was born in the former GDR in 1981, and became the chief editor of a TV station at age 24. There she has met a variety of protagonists, whose stories she told: Stories of domestic abuse, Somalian refugees of war and neglected children. Since the birth of her son she is working as a freelancer for several TV formats. Dear Child is her thriller debut.

Romy Hausmann

»Romy Hausmann ist der Shooting-Star im Thriller-Genre.« die aktuelle
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