Coverbild Lost in the Pyramid von Rosa Naumann, ISBN-978-3-423-70944-6

Lost in the Pyramid

With black-and-white illustrations by Udo Kruse-Schulz
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2500 B.C.: Thirteen-year-old Setha and her family live close to the Cheops pyramid which is just being built. Her father is one of the few highly skilled, hand-picked workmen who are allowed to work in the Pharaoh’s burial chamber inside the pyramid. But there is great unrest among the workmen – one of the men has vanished without trace and wild rumours of magic and mysterious occurrences inside the pyramid are rife. And then one day Setha’s father also disappears! Setha and her friend Kethi are sure of one thing: they have to find a way to get inside the pyramid. With great cunning they succeed in outwitting the guards and, laden with water jars and torches, they venture into the labyrinth of dark corridors. At first their search seems to lead them to one dead end after another, but then they make an incredible discovery – conspirators have gathered in a secret chamber and are plotting to overthrow the Pharaoh.

Press acclaim:

Grippingly written, this slim volume offers lots of fascinating information about daily life and the realm of the Gods in ancient Egypt; a culture lost in the mists of time ...] Lost in the Pyramid is an adventure story for young readers, riveting and never condescending [...] a wonderfully vibrant and informative introduction to a remote, fascinating civilization.

Literaturen 3/2006

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128 pages, Age 10 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-70944-6
About the author
Portrait des Autors Rosa Naumann

Rosa Naumann

Rosa Naumann was born in 1951 and studied English and History. As a young girl she lived with her parents in Egypt.

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