Coverbild Night of Angels von Rosemarie Marschner, ISBN-978-3-423-20897-0

Night of Angels

Italy at the time of the Renaissance. The young Francesca marries the merchant Marco del Bene and moves with him to Florence. The town has developed into a prosperous trading city under the strong hand of the Medici, and Francesca gets to know a new world of sumptuous feasts, luxury and art. Unforgettable to her is her encounter with Lorenzo da Medici, who knows how to enjoy life more than any other person. Yet the star of the Medici is declining, and Girolamo Savonarola, the preacher of repentance, takes over control of the city after the death of Lorenzo. His plan to make of Florence a 'Heavenly Jerusalem' in which sin does not exist leads to a reign of terror. Luxury objects are confiscated and burned on huge stakes. This situation leads to a serious conflict in Francesca's family: Girolamo, the oldest son, is a fanatic adherent of Savonarola, while Matteo, the younger son, supports the Medici and leaves Florence. But Savonarola is defeated by his arch enemy, Pope Alexander Borgia, and is executed on May 23, 1498. Francesca succeeds in reuniting her family in spite of all the confusion.
368 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-20897-0

Rights sold: Greece, Lithuania
About the author
Portrait des Autors Rosemarie Marschner

Rosemarie Marschner

Rosemarie Marschner was born in Austria, has been living in Germany since 1973 and works as a free-lance journalist and author of radio-plays. She has published numerous successful novels.

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