Coverbild Nietzsche for Beginners. Ecce Homo von Rüdiger Schmidt, Cord Spreckelsen, ISBN-978-3-423-30734-5

Nietzsche for Beginners. Ecce Homo

A Reading Introduction.
The work 'Ecce homo', an autobiographical-philosophical text, was written in 1888-1889 and published posthumously in 1908. It is Friedrich Nietzsche's revealing self-interpretation, important above all for his look back on his works. The euphoric and irrefutable tone of the text requires special knowledge and familiarity with the author and his works.

This book is a companion to Nietzsche's difficult text and offers, step by step, the necessary tools for deriving pleasure and benefit from Nietzsche's autobiography.
176 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-30734-5
About the author

Rüdiger Schmidt

The authors are professional teachers.

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