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Sabine Friedrich

Dr. Immerwahr


"You poor old high society ladies. As superfluous as fleas on a dog!"

In April 1901, at the tender age of 30, Dr. Clara Immerwahr has reached the zenith of her academic career: she is working as an unpaid laboratory assistant in Breslau. What use all her knowledge, skill, dedication and commitment? At a conference she meets a visiting lecturer, Dr. Fritz Haber. Although she refuses his first proposal, she eventually agrees to marry the aspiring young chemist. In 1914 Dr. Haber is appointed to the War Office, in order to develop gases for military use. Soon the "father of poison gas weapons" is celebrated as a hero in his home country. As a committed pacifist, her husband's career and the military application of scientific knowledge cause Clara great suffering and anxiety. When he is promoted on 1st May 1915, she commits suicide with an army pistol on the lawn in front of their house …

Using the story of Clara Immerwahr as an example, Sabine Friedrich recounts with great verve the dramatic, often difficult lives women academics led in the early 20th century.

220 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24610-1
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