Coverbild Death's Bride von Sandra Lüpkes, ISBN-978-3-423-21309-7
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Death's Bride

Even when she’s asleep, she looks guilty…

... Shameless. Stripped of petals like a rose… Shirin Talabani, 31, is dead. The strangulation marks on the Kurdish single mother’s throat speak for themselves. Suspicion immediately falls on her brother – only three years before, he had been convicted of her attempted murder. So is this a classic case of an honour killing?

Wencke Tydmers has been trained as a profiler in the USA and now works for the Hanover homicide squad. Shirin Talibani’s murder is her very first case. Ignoring the official regulations, Wencke throws herself into the investigations, because her gut instinct tells her that Shirin’s brother is not the murderer. Too late, Wencke realises she is being followed – and suddenly her son Emil disappears. The trails leads her to Istanbul…

About the author
Portrait des Autors Sandra Lüpkes

Sandra Lüpkes

Sandra Lüpkes, born in 1971, lived on the North Sea coast for many years. Now a resident of Munster, she works as an author and a professional singer. Her coastal crime thrillers have won her a loyal fanbase.

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