Coverbild The War of the Doves von Sandra Lüpkes, ISBN-978-3-423-24858-7
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The War of the Doves

Criminal profiler Wencke Tydmers' second case

On the banks of Lake Pinnow in East Germany, a pool of blood is congealing on the floor of a brutally wrecked clubhouse owned by the notorious Devil Doves motorcycle gang. But there is no trace of a body. DNA analysis identifies the blood as that of Leo Kellerbach, hotshot solicitor and leather-clad chairman of the Doves. Hundreds of cops scour the countryside, but the corpse fails to materialize. Assisted by fellow officer Axel Sanders, Wencke and her colleague Boris Bellhorn infiltrate the biker scene as landlords of the new Dove clubhouse. The three undercover cops find themselves plunged into an alien world where the law isn’t worth a damn, where power, money and brute strength are all that matters.

“A galvanizing, deeply absorbing crime thriller. A profoundly disturbing novel that strikes at the very heart of our society. Lüpke’s investigators are real characters – rough edges, idiosyncrasies and all. This is a breathtaking tour-de-force – a crime thriller that holds you spellbound page after page.”

About the author
Portrait des Autors Sandra Lüpkes

Sandra Lüpkes

Sandra Lüpkes, born in 1971, lived on the North Sea coast for many years. Now a resident of Munster, she works as an author and a professional singer. Her coastal crime thrillers have won her a loyal fanbase.

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