Coverbild Seven Day Master Chief von Stefan Maiwald, ISBN-978-3-423-28033-4

Seven Day Master Chief

a voyage of culinary self-discovery
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Gelatine and genius, horseradish and horseplay, wasabi-wizardry and luscious lunacy: a book for fun-loving foodies everywhere.

Stefan Maiwald takes the plunge, diving head first into the arcane world of top-notch gastronomy. He meets the very best chefs in the business and becomes their avid disciple. Fish, meat, vegan, ethnic, molecular cuisine – you name it, Stefan Maiwald gives it all his best shot, studying the tricks of the trade, memorizing recipes and trying his hand at re-producing them. The culinary masterclasses are interspersed with an assortment of mouth-watering tidbits: the master chefs’ ten best-held secrets, the eight most essential kitchen utensils, the seven spices you can’t do without – and how to become a wine connoisseur in 60 minutes! The book’s unique flavour is rounded off by scintillating historical and scientific excursions into the scrumptious realm of gourmet gastronomy.

An ironic and rather irreverent take on the new demigods in white – and the surprising realization: They’re only human after all – and occasionally they burn water just like the rest of us!

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About the author
Portrait des Autors Stefan Maiwald

Stefan Maiwald

Stefan Maiwald was born in 1971. The journalist, amateur chef and enthusiastic golfer lives in Italy with his family and writes for various papers and magazines. He is a long-standing author for both fiction and non-fiction for dtv.
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