Coverbild The Corpses of Rialto von Stefan Maiwald, ISBN-978-3-423-26224-8

The Corpses of Rialto

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The agent to the Doge Davide Venier is searching for clues: Within a short time span, three Venetians are murdered. At the same time, Portuguese merchants are striving to undermine Venice’s dominance of the spice trade. Davide, disguised as a merchant, he is to uncover the conspiracy - and ends up landing in the middle of the sea battle of Lepanto. Hardly back home, his girlfriend Veronica is abducted. Th e kidnappers demand a ransom for her life… the death of the Doge!
  • Total sales of Stefan Maiwald’s books with dtv: 100,000 copies
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About the author
Portrait des Autors Stefan Maiwald

Stefan Maiwald

Stefan Maiwald was born in 1971. The journalist, amateur chef and enthusiastic golfer lives in Italy with his family and writes for various papers and magazines. He is a long-standing author for both fiction and non-fiction for dtv.

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