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Stefan Maiwald

The Doge’s Spy

His name is Venier. Davide Venier.

Venice, 1570: Davide Venier, a respected businessman, loses his entire fortune overnight and is sentenced to ten years in the notorious lead chambers, the Serenissima’s state prison. Here he meets Hasan the Ottoman, who becomes his chess partner, teaches him the art of self-defence and passes on some priceless tricks for surviving the harsh prison conditions. Davide proves a willing and eager student, whereupon he is given an unexpected offer: amnesty in return for acting as a spy for the Doge. Davide accepts the deal, but his mission could hardly be more fraught with danger. The Ottoman Empire is preparing to wage war on Venice. And to make matters worse, there’s a merciless killer on the loose...

• a gripping historical espionage adventure set against the resplendent backdrop of Renaissance Venice
• an invigorating cocktail of history and fiction—shaken, not stirred!

416 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21723-1
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