Coverbild Who Wants to Count on Christmas? von Stefan Wilfert, ISBN-978-3-423-76312-7
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Who Wants to Count on Christmas?

24 fiendish puzzles to test the wits of all puzzle-fans
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Any child knows that the lead up to Christmas is full of secrets and surprises. But no one could have possibly imagined the mysterious goings-on that the inhabitants of Numberville have to contend with: the judges have to calculate how many dominoes the defendant devoured, a special Christmas Sudoku has to be completed, and they have to say how many visitors attended the nomination for the most beautiful Christmas dog this year (of all things) and, if there were a total of 110 legs running around, including five people with not just one, but four four-legged companions on a leash, what would that make?

It’s an open and shut case: this is a haven for puzzle-addicts who have 24 puzzles to solve, provided they pay careful attention…
Erscheint am 18.09.2020
128 pages, Age 10 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-76312-7
About the author
Portrait des Autors Stefan Wilfert

Stefan Wilfert

Stefan Wilfert, born in Berlin, studied sociology and journalism in Munich before working as a radio editor for fifteen years . Since 1988 he has been active freelance as editor, translator, critic, computer games journalist and author.
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