Coverbild Clara Dorn goes Holy von Susanna Mewe, ISBN-978-3-423-26125-8

Clara Dorn goes Holy

‘I’m going to hell.’
‘Don’t you think you might be exaggerating a little?’

What do you do when you’ve spent your entire life gushing poison and it suddenly dawns on you that no one’s going to come to your funeral? The only answer is sainthood. At least it’s worth a try...

Sixty-nine-year-old Clara Dorn is quite content just looking out for Number One. But when her best—indeed her only—friend Marie dies, it sets her to thinking about her own funeral. What if no one comes? Inspired by the memory of Lady Diana, Clara decides to re-invent herself as a modern-day saint. She goes back to her home town in Westphalia, feigns a heart attack and imposes herself on her daughter Katrin. Clara joins the Sacred Hearts Club—only to discover that her arch-rival Hilda Kuehn is not the only obstacle on her path to sainthood…

• a nasty piece of work on the road to salvation
• mother and daughter: a perennially favourite topic—acerbic, wickedly told and thoroughly enjoyable

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About the author
Portrait des Autors Susanna Mewe

Susanna Mewe

Susanna Mewe was born in 1981 in Greven, North Rhine-Westphalia and now lives in Berlin. She writes plays, novels and screenplays. Her work has received several awards, including the Munich Kammerspiele Bursary, the Retzhof Drama Prize and the Alfred Döblin Scholarship from the Berlin Academy of Arts.
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