Coverbild Murder in Babelsberg von Susanne Goga, ISBN-978-3-423-21486-5
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Murder in Babelsberg

Leo Wechsler's fourth case

Berlin 1926. The body of a woman is discovered in the courtyard of an elegant residential block in Kreuzberg. She has been stabbed to death with a shard of red glass. The dead woman happens to be Superintendant Wechsler’s former lover Marlene Dornow, whom he hasn’t seen for years. He doesn’t tell anyone about his connection with the dead woman—not even his wife, Clara—instead throwing himself into the investigations with grim determination. It turns out Marlene was being kept by a string of wealthy men, most recently by a politician who happens to be a close associate of the foreign minister Gustav Stresemann. Then a second corpse turns up: Viktor König, the celebrated film director—also stabbed to death with a shard of red glass...

Press reviews:

“Susanne Goga skilfully combines an intricate detective story with period atmosphere ...] and a team of investigators which is not only endowed with supreme detective instincts but also credible backstories [...] Very entertaining reading.”
- Focus on Mord in Babelsberg

“Susanne Goga’s writing encapsulates the pre-Third Reich zeitgeist in a universally comprehensible fashion. Stunning.”
- Kamikaze Radio on Mord in Babelsberg

About the author
Portrait des Autors Susanne Goga

Susanne Goga

Susanne Goga was born in 1967. She studied literary translation in Düsseldorf and has been translating as a freelance from English and French since 1995.

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