Coverbild Eight Treasures From the Healing Cuisine of China von Susanne Hornfeck, Nelly Ma, ISBN-978-3-423-34125-7

Eight Treasures From the Healing Cuisine of China

In China, eight is a holy number, which stands for prosperity and abundance. And in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) too, there are eight veritable »treasures«, treasures known to be conducive to health and longevity, as well as being culinary delights: Soy, ginger, garlic, mushrooms, radishes, Chinese cabbage, onions and sesame.

The medicinal benefits attributed to them are manifold: a stable immune system, flawless skin, a strong nervous system and vitality well into a ripe old age, to name but a few. From time immemorial the Chinese have been fervent, meticulous and dedicated collectors of effective health-promoting recipes, improving and perfecting them as they pass them on.

The authors of ›Chinese Household Remedies‹ have gathered the very best of these recipes in this book, and present them in their customary entertaining and practical manner. They share with us the secret of how to conjure up delicious and restorative dishes using the eight »treasures« as ingredients without great effort or expense.

All the recipes are easy to follow and the presentation of unique ways to prepare familiar vegetables in a manner largely unknown in the West is guaranteed to make for some mouth-watering culinary revelations.
192 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34125-7

Rights sold: Estonia
About the author
Portrait des Autors Susanne Hornfeck

Susanne Hornfeck

Susanne Hornfeck is a sinologist, translator (of Ha Jin among others) and writer. She spent five years lecturing in Taipei.
About the author

Nelly Ma

Nelly Ma grew up in Peking. A university lecturer in Chinese, she also has a lot of experience of TCM and Qigong.
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