Coverbild Winter Guests von Sybil Volks, ISBN-978-3-423-26080-0

Winter Guests

“The dizzying comings and goings in our family started with a death announcement and an unheralded storm. Full moon and high tide, snow and storm, brothers and sisters, lovers and unborn children were thrown together without forewarning. Overnight, our house was transformed into an Arctic island and our unsuspecting clan into a community of castaways.”

The news of Inge Boysens impending death brings the family back to Tide House on the tiny North Sea island they once called home. By the time they realise the news was a false alarm, they find themselves cut off in the house beyond the dyke by a blizzard just before the turn of the year. Outside, the world is turning to ice; inside, old animosities and new yearnings flare up...

• Great things happen in the smallest of spaces—but how much proximity can a family handle?

• Icy squalls, a crackling fireplace and a sizzling atmosphere: a first-class family saga brimming with poetry and mysteries

Press acclaims:
“A novel full of North Sea ambience, tender in its treatment of atmosphere and conflict.” Fuer Sie, October 2015

“In her novel Winter Guests, Author Sybil Volks has created a narratively brilliant yet subtle family novel. Very entertaining!”, September 23, 2015

“Tragedy, comedy and countless magical moments share the stage in Winter Guests, making this novel an extraordinary and unforgettable reading pleasure.”

“A wonderful story about the North Sea and an unexpected family visit. ...] The characters are very nicely portrayed, and as you read, you feel truly immersed in the story.”, September 1, 2015

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About the author
Portrait des Autors Sybil Volks

Sybil Volks

Sybil Volks lives as a freelance editor and writer in Berlin. She has published numerous novels as well as short stories and poems in magazines and anthologies. Her historical Berlin crime novel "Café Größenwahn" was nominated for the Glauser Prize for best debut crime novel of 2008. 2012 saw the publication of her highly praised Berlin-set family novel "1 Torstrasse", in 2015 "Winter Guests" was published which also hit the Paperback Bestselling List. Her new novel "Die Glückspassagiere" continues the story of "Winter Guests".

Sybil Volks

Erfahren Sie mehr über die Bestsellerautorin Sybil Volks und ihre unterhaltsamen Familienromane - mit Interviews und Hintergrundinformationen zu ihren Büchern.

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