Coverbild Your Inner Friend von Thomas Hohensee, ISBN-978-3-423-24679-8

Your Inner Friend

Learning to love yourself

How do you manage to be your own friend? Many people tend to be exceedingly critical of themselves and their appearance, seeing small mishaps as major catastrophes. Based on the approach of cognitive behavioural therapy Thomas Hohensee explains how you can develop a positive inner voice which will enable you to replace excessive self-criticism and negative thoughts. How do people who like themselves think, feel and act? And how can we learn to do the same? With compassion Thomas Hohensee shows us how this can be achieved. The starting point is how you feel about your body; he then considers your circle of friends and stress management; culminating in the question: how can I be a friend to others?

You can only give what you’ve got. The more relaxed way to make the best of your life.

180 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24679-8

Rights available again: Lithuania
About the author
Portrait des Autors Thomas Hohensee

Thomas Hohensee

Thomas Hohensee, born in 1955, was a lawyer and debt counsellor for many years before training at the German Institute for Rational-Emotive and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Hamburg; he is now a self-employed therapist.
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