Coverbild The Boozehound Squad von Tobias Keller, ISBN-978-3-423-21686-9

The Boozehound Squad

Tim Feldmann meets his longtime pals in their pub of choice—the Boozehound, which he has recently taken over. A trained lawyer, Tim has absolutely no idea about catering and his beloved business is proving to be a financial disaster. Then Tim’s girlfriend Lisa is offered a good job in Munich—but there’s absolutely no way Tim is about to leave his beloved Bottrop, his pub and his mates behind. In desperation he concocts a sneaky plan, but of course it all goes horribly wrong – and suddenly it’s not just the Boozehound that’s on the brink of ruin, but Tim’s relationship with Lisa, too.

· a fresh and witty novel about the place we call home, friends and true love

About the author
Portrait des Autors Tobias Keller

Tobias Keller

Tobias Keller was born in 1989. He is currently studying German and educational science at Bochum with the intention of becoming a secondary teacher. "That’ll Teach You!" is Keller's debut.

Tobias Keller: Morgens leerer, abends voller

Pflichtlektüre für alle, die die Schule überlebt haben!

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