Coverbild Joana Mandelbrot And I von Ulrich Woelk, ISBN-978-3-423-24664-4

Joana Mandelbrot And I

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»Everything that happens to us is a mixture of chance and necessity, but the only thing we can rely on is chance.«

A professor of mathematics in Berlin practises chaos-theory in his own life. When he is inadvertently taken for the author of a sensational novel he lets his agent talk him into going along with the mistake. Instead of the unassuming author of a modest mathematical text book he is henceforth considered to be a best-selling novelist. And then »Joana«, the supremely confident young lady to whom he entrusts his body and soul every Friday afternoon, declares that she is now an author too. Couldn’t he publish her manuscript under his name? It’s hardly a surprise when the modest little autobiographical novel is a huge success and the lovely Joana becomes a major celebrity.

A cutting satire on the literary establishment, a tribute to mathematics and an homage to the strength of women.

Press Comments

on ›Einstein On the Lake‹:

»Einstein On the Lake is armchair reading of the highest level.«

Christoph Haas in the ›Süddeutschen Zeitung‹

on ›Schrödingers Bedroom‹:

»Ulrich Woelk has written a comedy about relationships rich in allusion, streets above the run of the mill German literature of our day.«

Hajo Steinert in the ›Welt‹

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220 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24664-4
About the author
Portrait des Autors Ulrich Woelk

Ulrich Woelk

Ulrich Woelk was born in Cologne in 1960, and did research into astrophysics before becoming a writer and dramatist. A freelance writer with several successful novels to his name, he currently resides in Berlin.
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