Coverbild What Love Is von Ulrich Woelk, ISBN-978-3-423-24949-2

What Love Is

Roland Ziegler is a confident 36-year-old entrepreneur. One day he bumps into Zoe, a young jazz singer, in Berlin. To his surprise, she agrees to go with him to Amsterdam, where he falls deeply in love with her. But his family history and his company’s shady past are beginning to close in. He knew that the business employed forced labourers during the war, but only now discovers that this led to the breakup of his parents’ marriage back in the sixties. Roland suddenly finds himself confronted by two important questions: who is Zoe’s mother, and who indeed is Zoe herself?

A novel with all the scope of an ancient Greek tragedy: a compelling exploration of the ways in which our past shapes our present and defines our love.

»Ulrich Woelk’s new novel explores life and death issues with gripping intensity. Austere and without frills, his style is nevertheless poetic, his linguistic dexterity sheer delight—in terms of both aesthetics and entertainment value. «


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300 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24949-2
About the author
Portrait des Autors Ulrich Woelk

Ulrich Woelk

Ulrich Woelk was born in Cologne in 1960, and did research into astrophysics before becoming a writer and dramatist. A freelance writer with several successful novels to his name, he currently resides in Berlin.
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