Coverbild Penny Pepper - All Under Control (vol. I) von Ulrike Rylance, ISBN-978-3-423-76100-0
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Penny Pepper - All Under Control (vol. I)

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Ten-year-old Penny Pepper has three big wishes—and about a million smaller ones! But the main ones are:

  • a dog

  • becoming a detective and solving crimes

  • getting out of having to go to that stuck-up show-off Flora’s party

Sadly, the third wish doesn’t come true, but then again Penny would never have dreamt she’d get involved in her first big case at Flora’s birthday party, of all places. Because suddenly Flora’s birthday present—Dschastin, the cutest dog in the whole wide world—disappears without trace. And who does Flora accuse of kidnapping him? Penny, of course! Penny isn’t going to put up with that, so she goes about collecting evidence with the help of her best friends. Her sleuthing sets her on the trail of some likely suspects, and after losing the scent a couple of times she sniffs out the real dog-napper…
  • the first in a new series of comic-strip novels

  • easy-going, sparkling, funny: a read-aloud delight for adults as well

From the jury's motivation for granting the Hansjörg-Martin-Preis 2015 to Penny Pepper:

Penny Pepper is a consummate example of what makes a good book. A fabulous premise executed with effortless panache, a whole bunch of cool characters and an exciting adventure complemented by first class illustrations. Penny Pepper has it all – an intelligent buildup to a gripping and well-rounded story complete with fresh and vivid graphics that reflect the text’s humour and put a fresh spin on it. In short, brilliant stuff!

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160 pages, Age 8 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-76100-0

Rights sold: Spain (cast., cat.), Turkey, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Dutch

Rights available again: Italy, Romania
About the author
Portrait von Ulrike Rylance

Ulrike Rylance

Ulrike Rylance was born in 1968 and studied English and German in Leipzig and London. She was an assistant teacher in Wales and Manchester, and also taught German to children and adults in London. In 2001 she moved to Seattle, USA, with her husband and two daughters.
About the illustrator

Lisa Hänsch

Lisa Hänsch was born in 1988. She studied design and illustration in Münster and now lives in Brühl. As well as illustrating children‘s books, she works as a cartoon illustrator and animator.
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Ulrike Rylance: Penny Pepper

Alles über die ›Penny Pepper‹-Reihe und ihre Schöpferinnen.

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