Coverbild No Worries! von Ursula Schröder, ISBN-978-3-423-21610-4

No Worries!

Life finds its own roads to happiness...

Frida, forty and divorced, is a teacher who gets on well enough with her pupils and colleagues. But she is not quite as self-possessed as she seems at first sight. She prefers to push more serious problems aside rather than meeting them head-on. When her brother Ole is lying on his deathbed after a terrible accident, she promises him she’ll take care of his wife Luise. Frida moves in with Luise to her picturesque farmstead Wernebeck—and immediately gets caught up in all sorts of turmoil. She clashes with Luise’s sister Bettina, while Luise’s brother Fritz starts dropping by a little too often—not just to see his sister... And then there’s Tom, the attractive doctor. The two of them are starting to get closer, but as so often, Frida chooses to beat a retreat before anything gets too serious…

• refreshingly light, heart-warming entertainment
• for women in the prime of life

288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21610-4
About the author
Portrait des Autors Ursula Schröder

Ursula Schröder

Ursula Schröder, born in 1957, studied English and history at Bonn. She has published short stories and non-fiction works as well as several women's novels at dtv. She is married with three children.
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