Coverbild Pack up and Move to Happiness von , ISBN-978-3-423-21265-6
Ursula Schröder

Pack up and Move to Happiness

46-year-old Mia is a little bit pudgy, a little bit messy, and leads an uneventful life. The testamentary executor has been a widow for seven years, and her son Magnus is at university far from home. Her tranquil life comes to a swift end when Paula, Mia’s favourite aunt, fractures her hip and is rushed to hospital. Aunt Paula firmly decides that henceforth she will live in a retirement home and decrees that Mia should move into her soon-to-be-empty house – announcing that her step-son Nick is to move in as well. But loathsome Nick is not the only new man in her life. In the end, Mia doesn’t just turn her house upside down, but her whole life as well. And we, as readers, can watch it all unfolding with great pleasure.

Press acclaim for The ‘Habitat’ Way to Live With a Man

“Full of snappy dialogue and wonderful situation comedy!” Joy

272 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21265-6
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