Coverbild A Long Way From Home von Ute Wegmann, ISBN-978-3-423-62299-8

A Long Way From Home

If only her family were not quite so obnoxious, if only she could make friends with someone at long last, and if she could only find a way to cope with the rigours of daily life, life for Luisa wouldn’t be so bad. But as things stand, life isn’t good. Because Luisa keeps forgetting about her homework, dawdles when she goes shopping until suddenly she finds it’s already closing time, and has a tendency to be bad-tempered and say nasty things. In short, she has no end of problems!

When none of the classmates she invited to her birthday party turns up, Luisa has a major sulking fit. Because her parents insist on sending her off on a school trip with all these disloyal so-called friends, she disappears – only to realize before very long that running away from home is no solution either.
144 pages, Age 10 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-62299-8
About the author
Portrait des Autors Ute Wegmann

Ute Wegmann

Ute Wegmann studied German in Cologne and writes for the theatre, cinema and radio.
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