Coverbild Summer Is Over von Ute Wegmann, ISBN-978-3-423-62468-8

Summer Is Over

What’s the matter with Ela? Her 16th birthday is just around the corner, but she feels absolutely miserable: she and her friend Kati were going to conquer the world as fashion designers, but now it seems that she has lost Kati to that strange girl Anouk from the city. Not only do her parents, who run a haulage firm, never have any time for her, but to make matters worse they always seem to be arguing these days. She turns to the opposite sex and illegal car racing for solace. Dressed up as a boy, she meets Sven, the star driver. But how do you tell the difference between a crush and real feelings?

In the miserable heat of that summer, Ela learns a lot of lessons. Friendships can come to an end. Parents aren’t just trying to control their children, but to protect them as well, even if they sometimes make a real mess of it. And she realises that growing up means understanding that the world, the people in it and their actions are rather more complex than they may seem.

368 pages, Age 13 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-62468-8
About the author
Portrait des Autors Ute Wegmann

Ute Wegmann

Ute Wegmann studied German in Cologne and writes for the theatre, cinema and radio.

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