Coverbild The Life and Times of Martin Luther von Veit-Jakobus Dieterich, ISBN-978-3-423-43136-1

The Life and Times of Martin Luther

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The great reformer Martin Luther had a decisive impact on the course of German cultural and intellectual history. Not only one of the most influential Christian theologians, his translation of the Bible played a vitally important role in the advancement of the German language. This in-depth biography paints a vivid portrait of the conflicting aspects of Luther’s personality in the light of first-hand accounts by his friends and enemies, as well as the judgements of subsequent generations.
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240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-43136-1

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About the author
Portrait des Autors Veit-Jakobus Dieterich

Veit-Jakobus Dieterich

Veit-Jakobus Dieterich, born in 1952, studied Protestant theology, chemistry and history before obtaining his doctorate in social sciences. He has been employed by the Church, as well as in schools and at university, as a pastor, teacher and lecturer respectively. He lives in Stuttgart with his family.

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