Coverbild How to Stop Drinking for Good von Viktor Sommer, ISBN-978-3-423-34222-3

How to Stop Drinking for Good

The abuse of alcohol knows no social or intellectual distinctions. Although the ultimate admission »I’m an alcoholic« is generally made with great difficulty and reluctance, almost one in five sufferers would occasionally acknowledge the fact that they do drink rather a lot. In other words: alcohol abuse has become a widespread disease. Viktor Sommer, who refers to himself as a professing »former alcoholic«, presents a light-handed yet unvarnished account, showing how seemingly harmless and entirely socially acceptable alcohol abuse over an extended period of time will invariably cause psychological and physiological damage of the most severe kind. And he describes in detail how it is possible to bid farewell to the drug alcohol once and for all.
128 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34222-3

Rights sold: Poland
About the author

Viktor Sommer

Viktor Sommer was born in 1962, and studied education, history and English. He lives with his family in Berlin and works in adult education.
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