Coverbild The Faustian Pact von W. Daniel Wilson, ISBN-978-3-423-28166-9

The Faustian Pact

Goethe and the Goethe Society in the Third Reich
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Goethe, co-opted

Goethe’s life is so richly documented and his life so multi-faceted that he is easily co-opted by vastly different opinion leaders. For the Goethe Society - founded in 1885 in Weimar - even before the Machtergreifung in 1933, he was less of the enlightened humanist and more of the conservative nationalist. After Hitler’s rise to power, the society promoted a significantly “browner” image of Goethe with increasing vehemence. Eventually, the Olympian was roughly brought into line to serve the regime’s purposes. The privileges of a designated “world role” combined with increasing entanglements yield a fascinating dramatic curve to this story.

- The first comprehensive history of the most important German literary society in the Third Reich
- A cultural history of Germany in those barbaric years
- Newly researched documents, insightfully analyzed

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368 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28166-9
About the author
Portrait des Autors W. Daniel Wilson

W. Daniel Wilson

Born in the United States, Prof. W. Daniel Wilson is a Professor of German at the University of London. He has published various texts related to Goethe’s life and work. They are all distinguished by a sober, unobstructed perspective from the outside looking in.
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