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Patterns and More

Decorative Ideas for Crafting and Gifting

DIY – Deco It Yourself

Hearts, stars, polka dots - this book provides inspiration for beautiful hand-lettering and pattern projects. Decorate and freshen up everything from school notebooks to your own room.

Sugared Pretzels: My holidays with Marie

A holiday adventure story about first love

It's day one of the holiday in France-the first day at the beach. When ten-year-old Max sets eyes on Marie, a French girl his own age, it's like he's been struck by lightning. From that point on, she's all he can think about, from her dark ...

Two Little Wild Animals in the Big City

Where is Mama Boar hiding? The forest's food supply is dwindling. Every evening, the little boars Charlie and Theo have to eat the same shrivelled rose hips and pine cones, which is why Mama Boar sets off for the city one night in search of food. When she doesn't return the next day, ...

The Flip-Flop Gang

You can't beat the Flip-Flop Gang. We flip, we flop, we can't be stopped...

Lotte and her best friend Fritzi go to an after school club along with Hanan and Liev - and they all share a secret. They have started up a gang complete with all the standard accessories ...

Dr Snore, Period Six

School can be pretty boring, unless you're Alex and Emily. The two girls may be like chalk and cheese, but they manage to communicate across the classroom in a way that slips beneath the radar - most of the time at least! - by passing a secret journal under their desks. Emily ...

The Curse of the Eternal Guardians

Forced to hide in a creepy cemetery, Richard finds himself among graves guarded by stone angels. Here he meets Artur, a strange boy who promptly saves his life after one of the angels awakens when Richard gets too close to it. Artur tells Richard that the angels are harpies, dangerous creatures ...

Ella Kicks Off

With b/w vignettes by Regina Kehn

Ella loves football. As far back as she can remember, she has always played with her brother Lino. A year older than her, he has taught her all the tricks and nifty manoeuvres he knows. But then Lino gets together his own team, and it's boys-only - their number one player is Marvin ...

The Trojan War

With illustrations by Carl Durban

Aphrodite was the cause of it all. She promised Paris, the son of the Trojan king, the most beautiful woman in the world after he finds the infamous golden apple. But the most beautiful woman is Helen of Sparta, and Paris abducts her to the town of Troy. Paul Hühnerfeld succeeds in turning this ...

Friends, Parents, Teachers

...and other everyday problems

Help and advice for 9 to 13-year-olds

How do I manage to get into so many arguments with my friends? Why are my parents constantly nagging me about my homework? What have I done to deserve a sister who's such a total waste of space? All 9 to 13-year-olds will have asked themselves ...

Hamster, Cat & Co.

The Little Book of Pet Puzzles

Dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea-pigs, rabbits, budgerigars, turtles, canaries, mice and fish are children's favourite pets. But often they know far too little about the animals, where they come from, how long they will live, what they should eat, their needs, likes and dislikes - for example, ...

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