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Fletcher 1 - What a Stinker!

Fletcher, the cleverest and coolest striped skunk in town by a long shot, has made his home in the back yard of the Wild Elk Restaurant-where he also enjoys many an alfresco dining experience - until the day Bode, the head chef and owner of the establishment, cottons on. As a result of this bad ...

Rights sold: Denmark, Romania, PR China, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic
Volume: 1

An Incredible Christmas

24 Mystery Tours All Round the World

Amazing Christmas puzzles from around the world for you to help to solve

Father Christmas has lost his notebook, which contains all the information about Christmas customs in other countries. This is a real disaster! So Helge the reindeer is sent off on a ...

The Blackbird Pirate

"I'm not a crow, and I'm no rook either. I'm a mynah bird and my name is Padde." He's witty and clever; he can roar like a tiger and swear like a sailor. The wily bird has travelled all the way from the Indian jungle to Hamburg. In Schulte's pet shop, a little girl names him the Blackbird Pirate ...
Rights sold: PR China; English (worldwide)

Dwarf Mammoths Aren't Presents

Norbert, the dwarf mammoth is back!Norbert, the cutest dwarf mammoth there ever was, decides to go off in search
of his roots. Together with his friend Henry and Henry's cool grandma, Norbert
flies to Crete - only to find out that his arrival has actually been long-awaited! The
Volume: 4

Holly Himmelblau

The Princess Thief

A magical stop in Night Shadow Forest

There is a terrible uproar among the dwarves of Night Shadow Forest: their princess has vanished without a trace! At first, no one believes them since everybody knows that dwarves tend to exaggerate. But then the chief witches and wizards ...

Volume: 3

Our Miss Fae

Fairy Dust in the Classroom

A fairy as a teacher - simply enchanting!

Miss Fae is a fairy who can grant all the wishes your heart desires - but one day, when she refuses to fulfil a really mean wish, she gets banished to the human world. She is now trying her luck as an elementary school teacher. What great ...

Volume: 1

Quick! Wake Up the Sloth!

Everyone loves Stanley, the sloth

Finn, Zoe and Henry are more than a little astonished when one day a sloth swings into the kitchen. And what a sloth it is! Stanley's charm doesn't just stem from his friendly, laid-back demeanor; he is a cunning soccer player (in slow motion, of ...

Volume: 2

Quick! Steal the Llama!

How exciting! Zoe and her two best chums, Finn and Henry, have been invited to help out with the production of a children's film - along with Norbert the mammoth and Stanley the sloth. The sweetest llama baby in the world appears on the film set, but nobody wants the little creature! They just ...
Volume: 3

Penny Pepper

Wedding Cakes and Scoundrels

Cake alarm!

Penny and her detective friends are excited. Their beloved teacher, Ms. Weinerlein, is finally marrying the school caretaker, Mr. Örtel. Penny, Ida, Marie, and Flora aren't only participating as flower girls, but they are also helping to bake and decorate the cake under ...

Rights sold: Greece
Volume: 9

Blacktooth Ghost Academy

Teachers with an Edge

Uproar at Blacktooth Ghost Academy

Freddy can hardly believe his good luck. He has been offered a scholarship for Blacktooth Academy! There's just one thing that he still doesn't know: only magical creatures of all kinds - vampires, poltergeists, werewolves and many more - are ...

Fletcher 7 – Cold Feet, Hot Clues

Nothing functions without Fletcher

Fletcher, the coolest skunk in town, got distracted for only just a moment while saying goodbye to Theo, and now he finds himself traveling as a stowaway on the luxury steamer that Theo and Bode are taking to snowy Scandinavia.

However, ...

Volume: 7

A Pug for Christmas

A pug miracle

Emil's family has been turned upside down since Grandpa's death. And so Emil decides that the only thing that will help them is a big, beautiful, friendly dog. Luckily Christmas is right around the corner, and Emil is a math ace. According to his calculations, the ...

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