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The Sign of the Strange Knight

Erlenburg, winter 1390: kitchen boy Hannes comes across a stranger in the snow-bound castle moat - half-frozen, but still alive! He takes him to the safety of the larder next to the castle's kitchen. It's not long before Hannes and his friends start wondering who this ...

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The Garnet Book

A detective story set in the Middle Ages for you to help solve

Erlenburg, 1390: monastery life is anything but easy for wealthy merchant's son Paul; he finds it very hard to conform to the strict monastic rules. And then, to make matters even worse, he is accused of theft! He is supposed to have stolen a priceless manuscript from the library - ...

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The Eyes Of The Hydra

A detective story from ancient Rome for you to solve.

Who has kidnapped their teacher? Another case for the young detectives Cornelia & Co.

In the age of Caesar's Rome, Cornelia and her friends Titus, Publius and Gaius, have arrived on the dot for today's lesson. But something is wrong - their teacher, Marcus Antonius, isn't here.

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Scandal in Olympia

A detective story set in ancient Greece and a case you can help to solve

At the Olympic games in the year 350 B.C. young Kapros has a good chance of winning the pentathlon and the wrestling competition. But then he suddenly goes missing! Has he lost his nerve all of a sudden and been frightened off by the strength of the competition?

Surely not! The ...

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Ambush On The Dragon Ship

A Case from the time of the Vikings for you to help to solve

Who stole the Viking's treasure?

Helge Helgeson, the old jarl of Haithabu is dead! In keeping with ancient Viking traditions, he is to be buried at sea. But the night before the ceremony is due to take place the ship disappears! And with it the treasure that is meant to accompany the dead ...

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The Missing Papyrus

A detective story set in Ancient Egypt you can help to solve

Egypt 1300 B.C: the aged and highly respected scribe Neferhotep is dead. He leaves behind a large collection of writings, amongst them a priceless medical text written on papyrus, which was meant to be left to the magician and healer Pabekamun. Such were the terms of the dead man's will. But ...

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The Gladiator’s Son

A detective story from ancient Rome for you to solve. With b/w illustrations by Marei Schweitzer

Rome, 46 B.C.: Caesar arranges for the defeated Prince of the Celts to be paraded in triumph through the town - and with him, the legendary Celtic gold! It goes without saying that Cornelia and her friends Titus, Gaius and Publius are there in the midst of the crowd, enjoying the spectacle.
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The Pepper Thief

A Detective Story In The Middle Ages For You To Solve

July 1390: when Captain Klaus sails his boat into the harbour outside the town, the local innkeepers and grocers who have eagerly awaited his cargo are delighted. The great annual fair is to take place the very next day, the town is full of visitors and they will all be hungry and thirsty! ...

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The Mystery Of The Amphora

A Detective Story From Ancient Rome For You To Solve. With b/w illustrations by Marei Schweitzer

Rome at the time of Caesar: when the four children Cornelia, Titus, Gaius and Publius dig up an old amphora they find in the mud of the Tiber, they are quite sure it must be hidden pirates' treasure. But the amphora contains neither gold nor precious stones, instead there's a ...
Rights sold: Turkey

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