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Cold Store 4

Meticulous coroner Dr Martin Gansewein leads a quiet life. That is, until the day the spirit of Pascha, a small-time criminal who dealt in stolen cars and whose body is now lying on the slab in front of him, insists on striking up a conversation. Pascha is in one hell of a bad mood - his ...

Rights sold: English World Rights
Volume: 1

Together Can be Even Harder

There are new adventures in store for the likeable gang of senior squatters. Rosa (71), Konrad (72) and Leo (73) live in a dilapidated old villa, along with the money they have acquired by underhand means - money they intend to launder through a variety of fanciful ventures. When granddaughter ...

Volume: 2

QUANTUM – Lethal Matter

A new superweapon. A determined scientist. And a race against time.

Physicist Nicola Caneddu is enjoying a post-work beer - but only a few moments later, he finds himself in the hands of brutal kidnappers who want to force him to give up information about a secret tunnel at CERN.

Love is the Best Cook

People don't kiss amateur cooks...

Against her better judgment, Miriam decides to do a favor for her ex-boyfriend Felix. She agrees to take over a shabby, chaotic bistro for a few days. Fortunately for her, Selim (a chatty Turkish bus driver and dreamy amateur cook), Joannis (an ...

Among Strangers

"My today consists of three simple words: I. Am. Alone."

After being forced to flee her Syrian homeland, Madiha lands in a German refugee home. The physically disabled woman has survived the grueling flight, but only as a result of the help she received from a stranger, Harun. One ...

All for One

One really quirky group!

Everything would have worked out just fine if they had simply bought the old villa on the Rhine and been able to turn it into a legally acceptable residence. But, of course, that plan came apart, and the colorful, multi-generational flatshare is now faced ...

Volume: 3

Anyone Can Be Alone

Ellen (45), Kim (16), Rosa (70), Robert (69), Konrad (72), Justus (22), and Hans (50). What do these people have in common? They live together- for very different reasons and not entirely of their own volition. They are squatting a dilapidated villa and doing their best to get used to the new ...

Volume: 1

Jail or Cold Store

Pathologist Dr. Martin Gänsewein's friend Gregor finds himself accused of murdering his ex-wife. Gregor's police colleague Jenny is totally bewildered and upset: could she really have got Gregor so wrong? Meanwhile Gregor isn't saying a word. Jenny hurls herself into the ...

Rights sold: English World Rights
Volume: 5

Prince Farming

Love in the time of the energy saving lamp

Fresh out of university, 26-year-old Leonie lands a job as product manager for a leading wholesale butchery. It's certainly not the coolest job in the world but at least it keeps her in daily contact with the man of her dreams ...

Cold Store: Do Not Enter!

When he hears news of a serious accident on the police radio, wandering spirit Pascha is instantly on the scene. A car has veered off the road and four children are badly injured. Their teacher was driving, but she seems to have vanished into thin air! At the hospital, doctors place the ...

Volume: 4

Blogging Queen

Millie's Magazine: cutting-edge couture…

Air stewardess Millie is really hacked off: with her 30 th birthday drawing near, a serious ear infection has her grounded for weeks on end - when she's longing to be up in the clouds.

To make up ...

Cold Store for Rent

The third book in the cult Cold Store series:

Evil is always and everywhere - even in cold stores

Cologne is in the grip of a midsummer heatwave, and people are dying like flies. But that's not the only reason things are frantic at ...

Volume: 3

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