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Children Of Disobedience

The Love Story of Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora

One of the most scandalous love stories of history: a renegade monk marries a run-away nun, and in the process our understanding of love between man and woman takes on a historically new meaning. So too the love between God and people, and with it our very understanding of religion. This is the ...

Rights sold: Korea, USA

The Immortal Family Salz

A beer cellar, a luxury hotel and a grandmother who dies twice over…

Resplendent with glamour but overcast by many a shadow, the story of the Salz family centres on Leipzig's up-market Fürstenhof hotel. Salz Sr. buys it in 1914, but his actress daughter Lola refuses to ...

Rights sold: Persian language

The Plague Merchant

Love, murder, intrigue - and the Black Death

Pirna, 1532. When barber Valentin returns home after seven years as a journeyman, the Plague is raging through Pirna. Right after his arrival, he witnesses his brother Conrad, who is also a barber, list the Plague as the cause of death ...

Those in the Shadows Vanish from Sight

Magda Fuchs, medical consultant to the police

City of splendor, city of misery

After the dark years of World War I, the glamour and new-found radiance of the metropolis Berlin is attracting people from all over the world. Among them is Magda Fuchs, who hopes for a fresh start in life after losing both husband and child.

Volume: 1

The Devil’s Malice

The grand finale of the Devil trilogy

1545. In Nikolsburg, situated in a lonely and distant valley in the Alps, Sophia learns the local dialect. And now the book finally reveals its knowledge - but it isn't the anticipated information. When Sophie receives the tidings that her ...

Volume: 3

The Devil’s Handwriting

"This mysterious book contains formulas which can defeat death."

Pirna, 1544: Ever since the book with strange writing in it crossed her path as a child, Sophia has been devoted to solving its mystery. Master Heinrich Fuchs stands solidly by her side, having married Sophia ...

Volume: 2

The Devil’s Snares

A strong woman. A powerful man. Linked by a seemingly unsolvable puzzle.

Pirna, 1541. The number of mysterious deaths are multiplying, almost as if the Devil himself has a hand in them. Nineteen-year-old Sophia has just returned to her hometown, grown up into a young woman ...

Volume: 1

Saving an Entire World

A Jewish girl, an Arab doctor - an amazing story

New York City, late 1990s. At a family reunion, Bella Servos recalls her childhood growing up in a Jewish family in Berlin, but hardly anyone is interested in listening to her memories. Time and history have left her behind, ...

Beware of Love

»Munich, that was home.« Here Therese enjoys a comfortable childhood. Her father runs a warehouse and a clothes factory; Thomas Mann and Sauerbruch are regular visitors to their elegant house in Herzogpark. Then the National Socialists seize power, and soon everything is turned upside down - ...

The Heiress

Historical Novel

Germany, 1900: To save her childhood sweetheart Nicholas from the guillotine, Salome sets out from Berlin to Munich. Although a terrible accident has left her unable to walk without crutches, the wealthy young woman undertakes the arduous journey on her own - she is determined to use her ...

Paradise In Flames

Forced into a marriage on faraway Java… Caught up in a sinister intrigue… Trapped in an inferno of ash and fire…

Hamburg, 1883. To save her bankrupt father, young Helena von Odenhofen agrees to wed wealthy Jonah Aldermann, who is the heir to ...

The Hanging Judge

A novel set in the time of the Hanseatic League

Itzehoe in northernmost Germany, in the year 1396. By the time Hinrik vom Diek lifts his head out of a pool of beer, the fateful document has already been signed. The Count and Hinrik's arch enemy, the powerful merchant Wilham von Cronen, have got him blind-drunk and acquired his toft and ...

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