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Amongst Loners

What constitutes a family today and who is actually part of it?

Angela and Erich are the parents, Simon and Katrin the children. Together they make up a family. But just listing the members doesn't mean it is a proper family. Erich and Angela have ...

The Museum of the World

An extraordinary adventure and an unforgettable hero

Bartholomew is an orphan from Bombay, he's twelve years old and speaks almost as many languages. This is why, in the year 1854, he is hired as a translator by the brothers Schlagintweit from Germany, who, with the support of ...

The Immortal Family Salz

A beer cellar, a luxury hotel and a grandmother who dies twice over…

Resplendent with glamour but overcast by many a shadow, the story of the Salz family centres on Leipzig's up-market Fürstenhof hotel. Salz Sr. buys it in 1914, but his actress daughter Lola refuses to ...

Rights sold: Persian language

A View Across the Lake

"But what if our memories mislead us?"

Béatrice is in the middle of unpacking when the doorbell rings. She's just moved from the city to an old mill by a lake somewhere deep in the provinces. She doesn't know a soul here yet-so who on earth could this be? Outside her door she ...

Days of Night

Anton, an elderly professor of literature from Frankfurt, owns a house on the English coast. One day it is burgled, and although no harm comes to him or his wife, he feels sick at heart and overcome with a sense of impotence. Increasingly he finds himself thinking back to his childhood in 1940s ...

More often than not all very fast

For years, Albert has been visiting Fred during the holidays and at weekends, but they've never really grown close. Albert only ever called Fred Fred, never Father. Fred is a child trapped in the body of an old man, he spends his time reading encyclopaedias, waves at green cars and guards ...

Rights sold: Israel, English language, Italy, Turkey

What Ida Says

Louise was born and raised in Normandy, but now lives in Berlin. One day, quite by chance at a family funeral in Normandy, she meets a distant cousin - Ida - for the first time, and discovers a dark family secret. Ida and Louise's mother Paulette were close friends and confidantes. During the ...

A Knock At The Door

Short Stories

A knock at the door can herald many changes…

Christopher Kloeble tells stories of young people whose lives are abruptly altered. A scream rips through the silence, the phone rings - and, in an instant, everything is possible once more, or a love has gone wrong.

The Crying Animal

Lebanese Travelogue

"The Crying Animal" is not a travelogue in the conventional sense, but rather, as the author makes plain in the opening pages, a combination of "private travel chronicles, personal reflections, memories and digressions".

At the beginning of 2003 Michael Kleeberg visited Beirut as part of ...

Rights sold: Arab language

The Gift of the Stars

Inspiration is the greatest gift of all
The sage Zhuang Zhou has long been a thorn in the eye of Prince Yan, who views the great philosopher's discourse as highly rebellious. Yan orders one of his soldiers, Min Teng, to murder the philosopher. However, the soldier is taken ...

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